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Questions and Answers

Want to know more about franchising with Dublcheck? Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.

Questions and Answers

Q. Do I need experience in commercial cleaning?

No. Dublcheck will provide all the training and support needed to become a professional with nationally recognised qualifications.

Q. Why is Dublcheck a commercial cleaning franchise company and not a conventional cleaning company?

Dublcheck started as a conventional cleaning company and still services many happy customers, but the only way to grow and to maintain our very high standards is to utilise the benefits of a franchise structure. It is the partnership between franchisees and franchisor, which is the competitive edge that Dublcheck enjoys over our competitors.

Q. Will I need to finish my current employment?

No. As most cleaning is done out of normal office hours, you and/or your employees can service your initial contracts. This can enable you to have a smooth transition from employment to business ownership.

Q. Can I sell my franchise?

Yes, it is an asset that can be bought and sold like any business. A well run successful Dublcheck franchise is a valuable asset as has been shown by past franchisees who have sold their business.

Q. How long will the contracts last and how much do I pay?

All you pay is the initial fee. The longer you keep the contract the greater the return you will make. Dublcheck have a contract retention rate of 90% so each contract, well cared for, will generate many years of solid reliable income for you.

Q. What about ongoing support?

Dublcheck’s Operations Department is always available, but we also have the Dublcheck Mentor Support Programme. You will be allocated to an experienced and successful Dublcheck franchisee who will act as your guide in your progression to successful business owner. After all, who better to show you than someone who has done it before!

Q. What about ongoing charges?

Dublcheck’s support package eliminates the need for franchisees to have expensive overheads. To meet the costs of this facility, Dublcheck charge 12.5% of the turnover. There is also a charge to cover the costs incurred by your Mentor in supporting your franchise and this is 2.5% which goes directly to your Mentor.

Q. How big and fast can I grow?

Dublcheck have a guaranteed growth option should you wish to purchase more contracts or you can obtain contracts yourself.

 Q. Who does the cleaning?

The choice is yours. If you want to operate a smaller franchise, you can maximise your profits by looking after the clients yourself. Alternatively, you can follow the route of Dublcheck’s management franchisees, and grow a substantial business where employees perform all the work.

Q. Can I get contracts myself?

Dublcheck will teach you, providing all the information you need to get your own contracts. It is a cost effective way to build a superb business and one followed by many Dublcheck franchisees.

Q. What happens if I lose a contract?

Dublcheck guarantee the contract value for the first year and so if you lose a contract for any reason other than non-performance then Dublcheck will replace it free of charge.

Q. How much will I make?

With Dublcheck you can earn as little or as much as you want as there is no upper limit on the number of contracts you can operate.

Q. What about equipment?

Dublcheck will provide a starter pack of equipment during training. This is charged at only £750 + VAT and will be sufficient to get you started. Thereafter Dublcheck has negotiated bulk rates with national suppliers to give you the best deal.

Q. What do I do now?

Call 0800 317236 to arrange for an informal, no obligation initial interview.

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